Board Minutes

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WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2017-07-25.docKaren Dudden-Blake71.5KbAug 3rd, 2017
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2017-06-06.docDiana Fairbanks304.5KbJun 11th, 2017
New Member Chart.docxDiana Fairbanks427.6KbMay 6th, 2017
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2017-05-02.docDiana Fairbanks304KbMay 6th, 2017
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2017-04-04.docDiana Fairbanks67.5KbMay 6th, 2017
WEC Agenda March.docxDiana Fairbanks89.8KbMar 15th, 2017
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2017-03-07.docDiana Fairbanks71.5KbMar 15th, 2017
WEC Board Meeting 2017-02-07.docxDiana Fairbanks148.89KbFeb 11th, 2017
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2017-01-03.docDiana Fairbanks69KbFeb 11th, 2017
WEC Board Meeting 2016-12-06 Conf Call.docDiana Fairbanks29KbFeb 11th, 2017
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-11-01.docDiana Fairbanks71.5KbNov 13th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-10-10.docDiana Fairbanks66.5KbOct 13th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-09-29.docxDiana Fairbanks121.18KbOct 13th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-09-07.docDiana Fairbanks72.5KbOct 13th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-08-02.docDiana Fairbanks71KbOct 13th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-05-03.docDiana Fairbanks49KbMay 7th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-04-05.docDiana Fairbanks56KbMay 7th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-03-01.docDiana Fairbanks53.5KbMar 5th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-02-02.docDiana Fairbanks294KbFeb 17th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2016-01-08.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom39.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-12-04.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom39.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-10-02.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom37.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-09-11.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom39.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-04-03.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom36KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-03-06.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom37.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-02-06.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom34.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2014-11-07DRAFT.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom36.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2014-10-03Final.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom36KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2014-09-05.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom28.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2014-08-1.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom33.5KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2014-02-07Final.docxChristine (Christy) Sjoblom20.53KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2013-12-06.docxChristine (Christy) Sjoblom21.89KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2013-10-04 final.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom39KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2013-09-13Final.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom41KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2013-08-01.docxChristine (Christy) Sjoblom19.64KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2013-01-10.docxChristine (Christy) Sjoblom22.81KbFeb 15th, 2016
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-10-02.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom37.5KbNov 13th, 2015
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-09-11.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom39.5KbNov 13th, 2015
WEC Board Meeting Minutes 2015-04-03.docChristine (Christy) Sjoblom36KbNov 13th, 2015
Closed Categories.pngRODICA CHARLES20.91KbJan 9th, 2015
Ballot for Bylaw September 2014.pdfKimball Stadler68.54KbSep 12th, 2014
WEC Board Meetings JUNE.docxKimball Stadler13.33KbJul 4th, 2013
WEC Board Meeting minutes 3.5.docxKimball Stadler13.33KbMar 8th, 2013
WEC Board Meeting DECEMBER 12.docxKimball Stadler15.08KbJan 2nd, 2013
WEC_Minutes_March Board_Meeting_2012.docKerrie Krutchik45KbJul 2nd, 2012
WEC_Minutes_February Board_Meeting_2012.docKerrie Krutchik43KbJul 2nd, 2012
WEC_Minutes_January Board_Meeting_2012.docKerrie Krutchik44KbJul 2nd, 2012
WEC_Minutes_December Board_Meeting_2011.docKerrie Krutchik39KbJul 2nd, 2012
WEC_Minutes_November Board_Meeting_2011.docKerrie Krutchik37.5KbJul 2nd, 2012
WEC_Minutes_October Board_Meeting_2011.docKerrie Krutchik37.5KbJul 2nd, 2012
WEC_Minutes_May Board_Meeting_2012.docKerrie Krutchik48KbJul 2nd, 2012
WEC_Minutes_Board_Meeting_March 8, 2011.docChris Guld33.5KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC_Minutes_August Board_Meeting_2011.docChris Guld40KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2011-5-10.docChris Guld38KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2011-6-11.docChris Guld36.5KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2011-4-12.docChris Guld35.5KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2011-2-8.docChris Guld36KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2010-12-07.docxChris Guld15.81KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2011-1-11.docChris Guld37KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2010-11-09.docChris Guld34.5KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2010-10-12.docChris Guld39.5KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2010-09-08.docChris Guld40KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC Minutes Board Meeting 2010-08-10.docxChris Guld18.49KbMay 7th, 2012
WEC MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2010-06-08Chris Guld40.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2010-05-11.docChris Guld37KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2010-03-09.docChris Guld34.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2010-04-13.docChris Guld33.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2010-02-09.docChris Guld35.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2010-01-12.docChris Guld41.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-11-12.docChris Guld34.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-12-8.docChris Guld37.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-10-13.docChris Guld31.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-09-08.docChris Guld41KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-08-11.docChris Guld41.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-06-10.docChris Guld39.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-05-13.docChris Guld41.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-04-08.docChris Guld42.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-03-11.docChris Guld33.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-01-14.docChris Guld34KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2009-02-11.docChris Guld32.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-12-10.docChris Guld30.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-11-12.docChris Guld40.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-10-08.rtfChris Guld22.23KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-09-10.rtfChris Guld25.29KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-08-13.docChris Guld45.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-06-10.docChris Guld57KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-05-15.docChris Guld51KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-05-07.docChris Guld27KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-04-08.docChris Guld45KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-03-11.docChris Guld43.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-02-12.docChris Guld42.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2008-01-08.docChris Guld44KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-12-11.docChris Guld35.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-10-09.docChris Guld77KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-11-13[1].docChris Guld47.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-09-11.docChris Guld83KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-08-14.docChris Guld36KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-06-27.docChris Guld86KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-06-05.docChris Guld94.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-05-08.docChris Guld76KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-04-03.docChris Guld67.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-03-06.docChris Guld62.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-02-06.docChris Guld66KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2007-01-08.docChris Guld73KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-12-11 (NO QUORUM).docChris Guld30.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-11-07.docChris Guld70.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-10-03.docChris Guld111KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-09-12.docChris Guld38.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-08-08.docChris Guld94.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-06-13.docChris Guld79KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-05-05.docChris Guld40.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-04-07.docChris Guld82KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-03-03.docChris Guld76KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-02-03.docChris Guld70.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2006-01-06.docChris Guld62KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2005-12-2.docChris Guld56.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2005-11-04.docChris Guld38.5KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2005-10-07.docChris Guld74KbMay 7th, 2012
MINUTES BOARD MEETING 2005-09-09.docChris Guld59.5KbMay 7th, 2012

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