Membership Criteria

We’re so glad you’re interested in joining Women’s Executive Club!

In order to qualify as a member of WEC under the By-Laws, an applicant must be a female executive of good character and reputation in conformity with the image of the ethical businesswoman.  “Female Executive” is defined to mean one who is the owner or co-owner of a full-time business and who is responsible for the activities of at least one other person or who has been in the business for at least two years; a professional (such as a doctor, dentist, attorney or accountant by way of example, but not limited to these categories); a manager of business at an executive level, or an independent agent/contractor at managerial level or a military officer and/or veteran.  Attendance of at least two WEC monthly events is mandatory as well. If you feel you meet this criteria please complete the application below.

  • Please include a photo of yourself to share.
    Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • Please make check for application fee payable to Women’s Executive Club. Once you are approved the annual dues are $595. (Aug. 1st renewal).