If Women’s Executive Club has one unique selling position, it’s this: Our members include attorneys, costume designers, doctors, writers and almost every profession in between. This career diversity provides members with a wealth of resources and ensures things never get boring!


Our History

In the summer of 1976, three executive women––LilyB Moskal, Christine Godfrey and Zoe Stout­­––working in a man’s, world banded together to motivate, hyperventilate (as needed) and raise each other up personally and professionally. Over the decades, the number of WEC members has grown, but the purpose remains the same: to provide dynamic, smart women with a place where they can meet likeminded professionals to collaborate, problem solve and socialize.


The WEC Board, guided by our by-laws, makes the day-to-day club decisions. To ensure we keep up with trends, traditions and changes to applicable laws, we review our by-laws periodically. Proposed changes are voted on by membership. We post our by-laws on our website so they are easily accessible to members and prospective members.

Please feel free to download our current year by-laws.

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Giving Back
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